What does dance training offer my child?

Dance training provides self confidence, discipline, physical health, social skills, passion, respect, time management and so many other important life long skills.

Do I need any dance experience to participate in classes?
No dance experience necessary! We welcome everyone to join our classes with or without dance training. 

How many terms are there per year?

We have 3 terms; Fall, Winter and Spring

Do you offer classes for adults?

YES! We offer an Adult Dance class on Thursday evenings. The class is a mixture of dance styles and no experience is necessary.

Am I allowed to watch my child in their class?

We do not allow anyone outside of the class to observe. However, we dedicate 1 week at the end of each term for observation. This week is important for our dancers as they work very hard to reach their accomplishments and look forward to showing off. We extend invites to those important to our dancers.

What syllabus do you offer?

*Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) in Ballet
*Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (ADAPT) in Jazz and Tap 
*Acrobatique in Acrodance.

What performance opportunity does my child have?

All dancers enrolled in both the Winter and Spring Term participate in our annual year end Recital. 

Do dancers get to keep their costumes?