Whether your child dreams of becoming a prima ballerina or just wants to dance for fun, dancing has life-long benefits for your child. Dancing is very beneficial to the growth and development of children’s bodies and keeps them moving. With today’s media distractions, dancing helps children stay active year-round, build up physical stamina, improve muscle development, relieve stress, release extra energy (and therefore improve behaviour) and increase cardiovascular, as well as overall health.

In addition to keeping children active, dance also teaches them how to move with agility, coordination and grace. The controlled and stylized movements of dances such as ballet, tap and jazz also teach children how to control and discipline their bodies, a skill that will foster good posture habits, as well as better self and spacial awareness.

Each term costs $259 per class. Siblings receive a 5% discount. Pre-Pay for all 3 terms by 1st class start date and receive a 5% discount.

Additional classes receive a 10% discount.

Performance costume & production fee due upon registration of 3rd term (no later than Jan.30th). Students must be enrolled in at least terms 2 & 3 to perform in end of year recital.